Double RR Photography

I have been a serious student of photography for several years and as an artist I feel that it is my job to tell a story with my images; for me “Photography is a visual means of telling a story and preserving memories”. I do not merely want to capture a snap shot of what I see; I want to give the viewer a peek at the beauty that photography has helped me recognize in the world around me thru fine art. The challenge, as with any piece of art, is to capture a moment in all its beauty and glory so the viewer can be transported to; and share, that moment in time. My inspiration comes from books, movies, and other artists like Ansel Adams, Scott Robert Lim, and Peter Lik, as well as a desire to put my own creative touch on a concept. I feel that my photographs speak, not only to me, but give a voice to the history and beauty that surround us all and was silenced by the passage of time. Simply put; my artistic goal is to create “Photography worthy to hang on your wall.”
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